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The Creature Teachers is fully insured, risk assessed, licensed and inspected.  

Based in Bournemouth we have provided interactive creature encounters for hundreds of clients in Hampshire, Dorset and Wiltshire since 2011, including schools, nurseries, birthdays, holiday parks, nursing homes, weddings, fetes, scout and guide groups. To check if the creatures visit your area, please go to the ‘Ask the Teachers’ page.  

The Creature Teachers is owned and operated by Lisa Kiely, who has a degree in zoology, a masters in animal behaviour, and 15 years of experience in exotic animal keeping,  training, handling and presenting in zoos and wildlife parks across the U.K. and Ireland.  

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The Creature Teachers team includes staff with years of zoo education and animal presenting experience, animal care, behaviour and zoology qualifications, child care qualifications, extensive Early Years and care sector experience, and connections with the autism and S.E.N. communities. An entertaining, educational, and bespoke visit from the creatures will have everyone in your group getting hands on and up close to creepy crawlies, reptiles, mammals and birds. 


The Creature Teachers promote responsible and respectful animal handling, and our encounters ‘one on one’ approach encourages everyone to get hands on with our creature team in a way that is safe and comfortable for handlers and animals alike. We want everyone at your encounter to make a real connection with the creatures, in a way that encourages our discovery and learning ethos, furthering our audiences' enthusiasm, admiration and respect for the natural world, while being fun and engaging for everyone we meet.

So, if you want to find out if a barn owl really does fly silently,

experience how a snake's skin feels or,

use your math skills to count the legs on a millipede,

you have come to the right place

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